Bart sumner

Finding Laughter and Power Grieving

In this talk, Bart covers:

4:23 - How grief evolves over time

9:44 - Where Bart found his greatest support

17:41 - What is Healing Improv

23:26 - Improv games to start laughing again

26:31 - Where to find laughter

30:14 - What is Power Grieving

Resources mentioned:

About Bart Sumner:

Bart's son, David, died in 2009 from a from a severe brain injury suffered while playing football.

He is the founder of the non-profit, Healing Improv, which provides no-cost comedy improv grief workshops to those struggling with the pain of their loss. He is also the author of the book, Healing Improv: A Journey Through Grief to Laughter, where he shares his personal journey with grief and walks us through improv exercises used in his workshops. 

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