Carolyn Lemen & Jennifer Lang

Creative Outlets to Process Grief, Pain, Guilt and Anger

In this talk, Carolyn and Jennifer cover:

01:47 - Preconceptions and misconceptions of mental health help for dads of loss

07:39 - What is Expressive Therapy

08:56 - What is Music Therapy

11:30 - Is Expressive Therapy more effective when done individually or in groups

14:23 - Getting started with Expressive Creative Therapy exercises

24:52 - Getting started with Music Therapy exercises

35:50 - Creative Therapy activities for couples

40:45 - Expressive Creative Therapy for families with children 

Resources Mentioned:

About Carolyn Lemen and Jennifer Lang:

Carolyn Lemen is a board-certified music therapist and runs Wings on Wheels Illinois. With a love of music and her desire to work with and help people, Carolyn pursued her master's degree in music therapy at Maryville University. She has also been involved in numerous camps and retreats to support bereaved families. 

Jennifer Lang pursued a master's degree in counselling because of her passion for understanding the human psyche and family systems. As an expressive therapy licensed counsellor, she incorporates her creative art techniques into her therapeutic approach to help families in the communities BJC serves. Jennifer has been the primary Wings on Wheels driver in Missouri since the program was launched in 2013.

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