Glen Lord

Going Back to Work and the People Around Us

In this talk, Glen covers:

03:35 - Wisdom for recently bereaved dads

08:29 - Bad days and the people around us

13:54 - Miscarriage vs Infant loss and the support he received

17:52 - The Grief Toolbox

23:39 - The International Grief Institute

29:11 - Going back to work

34:54 - Dealing with colleagues at work

37:03 - Major lessons learned 

Resources Mentioned:

About Glen Lord:

Glen is dad to seven miscarriages. His son, Noah, died due to medical error in 1999.

Glen founded The Grief Toolbox and the Walking Through Grief program when he saw there was a need for genuine, accurate grief information. He is the past president of the National Board of Directors of The Compassionate Friends. Glen is now co-founder and CEO of the International Grief Institute, which provides a variety of grief educational opportunities.  

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