Mitch carmody

Who We Are As a Griever, and How Knowing Helps

In this talk, Mitch covers:

00:11 - How he is honouring his son

06:06 - Bad days in the beginning vs today

12:31 - What he did to start healing

18:33 - Why others may be dismissive of our loss and what we can do about it

25:51 - Proactive Grieving

32:37 - The STAIRS model of grieving, and the different steps

41:26 - Who you are as a griever, and how this helps in healing

Resources mentioned:

About Mitch Carmody:

Mitch lost his son, Kelly, to cancer in 1987.

Author of, Letters to My Son, Turning Loss to Legacy, Mitch leads Proactive Grieving seminars that features the STAIRS model of grief processing. He also supports the bereaved through his radio show, Grief Chat, and his YouTube channel, MrHeartlight

Mitch takes a wholistic approach to grief processing, focusing on balancing the mind, body, soul and spirit to reduce anxiety and build resilience. 

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